When it comes to selecting the perfect carpet cleaning company or leather and upholstery cleaning services for your home or business, there is much to consider. Let us answer some of your likely questions below.

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At Enviroclean, we understand that choosing a carpet cleaning company is no easy task.

With many providers available, how can you be sure that you’re selecting the very best service?

Explore our FAQ’s below, and learn more about why Enviroclean are the chosen carpet cleaning company for homeowners and business owners/facilities managers across the UK.

When it comes to choosing the right commercial carpet cleaning company for your commercial property, we believe there are 5 key indicators of a trustworthy provider.

  1. Trained & Insured – Ensure the carpet cleaning company you’re looking into are not only professionally trained with industry certifications, but also fully insured. 
  2. Credible – Peruse the website of the carpet cleaning company you’re enquiring about and look for customer testimonials, case studies, or written content that help to establish the company’s credibility.
  3. Transparency – Look for detailed information about the specific services offered, and the equipment involved. This kind of transparency indicates that the carpet cleaning company you’re looking into are experienced and trustworthy, providing tried and tested services.
  4. On-Site Quotes & Consultations – When it comes to quoting for carpet cleaning jobs, ensure the carpet cleaning company you’re interested in offer in-person consultations at your commercial property. It’s all but impossible to effectively gauge the size and scale of a commercial carpet cleaning job over the phone.
  5. Guarantees – When seeking out a commercial carpet cleaning company, it’s essential that you look for those with guarantees in place. These guarantees can come in a number of forms, as “money back guarantees”, or as “free re-cleans”, which Enviroclean offer. These guarantees provide you with further peace of mind, helping you book with more confidence.

While frequent vacuuming is essential to ensure your commercial property reflects a positive image of your business, regular visits from a carpet cleaning company like Enviroclean, using tried and tested carpet cleaning methods and industry-leading equipment, helps to protect your carpets, prolong their life, and safeguard your initial investment in these expensive furnishings.

We provide in-person commercial carpet cleaning consultations at your commercial premises, to enable us to tailor our service 100% to your commercial property and its carpets. 

  1. Knowledge – Perhaps the greatest benefit to hiring a professional carpet cleaning company is the peace of mind that you’re hiring experienced, knowledgeable professionals to look after your carpets. At Enviroclean, carpet cleaning is our profession, our skillset, and we take great pride in the intensive cleaning process our expertise has allowed us to design.
  2. Better results – While rentable carpet cleaning equipment and DIY products are available, nothing beats the results produced by an experienced, professional carpet cleaning company. At Enviroclean, our results delight customers every time, helping carpets across the country to look as good as they day they were laid. That can’t be bottled and sold.
  3. Extend the life of carpet – While carpet cleaning services differ vastly from provider to provider, quality carpet cleaning services like ours help to not only leave your carpets impeccably clean, but protect them, keeping them cleaner for longer, prolonging their life and safeguarding your investment.
  4. Maintains a healthy environment – Another benefit of hiring a professional carpet cleaning company is the peace of mind that your carpets are spotlessly clean, helping to maintain a healthy home environment for the whole family.
  5. Accountability – Trusted providers of carpet cleaning services, like Enviroclean, offer money back guarantees, or free-recleans, for those customers unsatisfied with results. This is a great benefit of hiring a professional carpet cleaning company, giving you the confidence to book, with the knowledge that you won’t have to pay for something you’re not 100% satisfied with.

Professional carpet cleaning goes far beyond a simple vacuuming, and while rentable equipment, and DIY products are readily available, you can’t beat the results produced by a trusted and experienced carpet cleaners like Enviroclean.

While services and approaches differ from provider to provider, our carpet cleaning process includes neutralising the PH of your carpets using specialist products, and utilising industry-leading equipment unavailable to the public, to ensure we produce impeccable results every time.

For stunningly clean carpets, and a refreshed home, professional carpet cleaning is the superior choice.

Like most house-hold furnishings, carpets have a lifespan, and while some carpets may reach this point, many simply need a professional intensive clean to reclaim their “freshly-laid” feel.

In fact, to prolong the life of your carpets, protect them from the rigours of your family’s feet, and help your investment in these expensive furnishings go further, we recommend that you have your carpets cleaned on a regular basis by a professional carpet cleaning company.

When you book Enviroclean’s carpet cleaning services, there’s no need to vacuum before our arrival. Vacuuming is an early stage of our intensive carpet cleaning process and is all part of our service.

It can take us between 3 and 4 hours to deploy a full-house carpet cleaning service.

While a frequent wash and wipe down of your leather sofa will help to keep it somewhat clean, inviting professional leather sofa cleaners to your home, can help to not only produce spotless results, but to protect your leather sofa, prolong its life, and safeguard your initial investment.

Our intensive cleaning process helps to treat and rejuvenate the leather, helping it remain healthy for longer.

While occasional DIY maintenance of your upholstery will help to keep it somewhat clean, inviting professional upholstery cleaners to your home, can help to not only produce spotless results, but to protect your furnishings, prolonging their life, and safeguarding your initial investment.

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