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Carpet Cleaning

Carpets can be one of the most expensive items to purchase for the home. So, when considering their cleaning and maintenance, you will want the best for them.


Carpets act as a filter in the home and collect all sorts of dust, grit and soil. Whilst vacuuming on a regular basis will alleviate some of this problem, it does not remove those deep down soils that attach themselves to the fibres. Professional cleaning will release those problematic soils and assist in maintaining the original look and lustre of your carpet.


Unlike a lot of other cleaners you could choose from, we do not use sticky shampoos to clean your carpets. Shampoos do make your carpets hygienically clean and do produce great results. However, they also leave a sticky residue which attracts dirt (much like how hair shampoo does), this means your carpets will quickly become dirty again.

Instead, we use solutions that allow us to create a neutral pH on your carpet. This means your carpets are kind to sensitive skin and they will not attract dirt as easily. So, if you choose Enivroclean to clean your home, your carpets stay cleaner for longer.

Getting your carpets cleaned by a professional creates a healthier environment for you and your family.


We clean deep down into the fibres of your carpet, this removes the dust, dirt, dead skin, bugs and bacteria that are embedded into your carpet.

We use high-end cleaning technology that allows us to carry out the ‘hot water extraction cleaning method’. This means we are sucking the unclean bits into our cleaning machine, rather than releasing them into the air. Be careful – a lot of cleaners blast your carpets clean but disperse all the nasty particles into your home’s atmosphere.

Getting your carpets replaced and refitted is costly and time consuming. Inviting us to clean your carpets is a cheaper, fantastic alternative. We can make your carpets look as good as new, just take a look at our before and after images.

It is also important to get your carpets cleaned regularly so that you are protecting your investment. Carpets that are cleaned regularly last longer, meaning you don’t have to buy new flooring as often.

It’s important that you feel totally confident when inviting a stranger into your home, but you can be assured that are professionals.

Knowledgeable Professionals

You can be safe in the knowledge that an expert cleaner is caring for your home.

Fully Insured Professionals

We are also fully insured, meaning that should an accident happen when we are cleaning your home, you are covered.


Our guarantee to you as a customer of Enviroclean is that we will not be beaten on customer satisfaction and service, it doesn’t end with our visit – we promise excellent after sales and expert advice at any time. Our service has been tested and proven to work.  We are so sure you will love the results you get from our services that we fully stand behind our work.  If you are not fully satisfied with the results, we will provide a re-clean free of charge until you get the results you seek. That means you can purchase with confidence knowing you will get the right results.

We have one aim at Enviroclean Cleaning: “Make sure every customer is 100% delighted”. To ensure that we leave every customer with a big smile on their face, we have some guarantees that we carry out with every single clean:

If you choose Enviroclean to revitalise your carpets, we guarantee to:


To ensure every carpet is cleaned to a professional standard, we take the following steps:

  1. Inspection.  The very first step is to inspect the carpet and/or upholstery. Having identified the construction and fibre of the carpet then allows us to decide the suitable chemicals and method to proceed cleaning your carpets.
  2. Vacuum. The second step is to vacuum. We use a heavy duty professional vacuum cleaner that is highly effective at removing loose soil, hair and dust.
  3. Preparation. Furniture that is to be moved is prepared on plastic sliders and anything that needs to be safeguarded is protected.
  4. Pre-Spray. Firstly, we spray the carpet with a cleaning solution which we have identified will be perfect for your carpets. The cleaning solution we choose depends on what will be suitable for your carpet’s fibres, the stains that we identify in your home and your family’s needs. For example, greasy stains need different cleaning products to dye based spills, or if you have pets, children, sensitive skin, or any asthmatic family members we need to conscious of the products we are using. We have a wide range of cleaning products to ensure we use the right solution in your home.
  5. Agitation. We leave the solution to work deep into the fibres of your carpets, then we agitate the pre spray with our state of the art cleaning equipment.
  6. Steam Cleaning. We then give your carpets a high powered hot water rinse, this rinses the solution from your carpets and kills any living bacteria from your floors.
  7. Post Cleaning. All furniture is placed in its original position with protective paper foil cards. The carpet is then groomed to help aid with the drying process and then powerful fans are used to speed dry the carpet.

Our Locations

We have offices in various areas, doesn’t look like we are in your area? We maybe just setting up, Call us and we will let you know.